A Guide to a Wide Range of Treatment Options

Every patient has a unique set of needs, desires, and possibilities for their dental restorative care. With that in mind, it is advantageous for dental practices to have easy access to a broad palette of treatment alternatives. From simple single unit posterior case to complex, full mouth cases, our dental lab can fabricate solutions.

A partnership with MicroDental brings you versatility in treatment options, matched with a high standard for customer service. Our wide range of materials, fixed and removable restoration types, and technical expertise all come together to meet the expectations of a dental laboratory for you and your patients.

MicroDental Laboratories partners with dentists to provide an exceptional and convenient experience for patients. As a dental lab our goal is not only to craft exquisite restorations, but to make it easier for dentists to create beautiful smiles for each and every patient that walks into the practice.

More than just another dental lab, MicroDental believes that SMILES MATTER and that healthy smiles promote personal well-being, self-confidence and communication.

Fixed Restorations

Implant Retained Restorations

Removable Restorations

Sleep Devices

Mouthguard & Therapy Devices