Wironium cast


  • Ease of adjustability 
  • Light weight 
  • Functional 
  • revents natural tooth shifts

Wironium Cast Partial Dentures* (Rigid Partial)

A cast partial denture consists of a metal framework for retention, combined with tissue colored acrylic and replacement teeth. Partial dentures are used when one or more natural teeth remain in the upper or lower jaw. There are three basic types:


This is a removable partial denture that is retained by intra-coronal, extra-coronal or stud attachments. This type of precision prosthesis can be tooth supported, tooth and tissue supported, tooth and implant supported or implant and tissue supported. Precision attachment partials are designed in conjunction with new crowns or implants when esthetic expectations, improved retention and stability are required. A precision attachment partial is retained with metal to metal mechanical interlocking parts that are machined or milled to extremely high tolerances.


A semi-precision attachment partial is also retained in the mouth with mechanical interlocking parts. The components consist of a semi-rigid metal to metal or other semi-resilient material. These plastic patterns may be cast into the alloy of your choice.


Wironium has similar properties to a Type III gold that delivers a more resilient and flexible cast metal RPD. Wironium also utilizes the finest investment materials to deliver unparalleled detail and fit. Lightweight Wironium partials seat the first time, clasps are virtually unbreakable, chair time is minimized and patients are delighted. To achieve the best results send study models for case design and planning.

MATERIALS: Wironium with acrylic tissue and teeth

*Aesthetic tier only.