• Excellent margin adaptation
  • High flexural strength
  • Proven durability 
  • Proven clinical study


Dual-cured resin, glass ionomer or luting cements


Flexural strength*: 150 MPa
Compressive strength* : 442 MPa
Material wear*: 6.3 µm (5-year period)
Coeficient of thermal expansion (low thermal version): 13.1 ppm/ºC

*Miara P. Aesthetic guidelines for second generation indirect inlay and onlay composite restorations. Pract Periodont Aesthet Dent 1998;10(4):423-



Composite restorations offer dentists a true-to-nature restoration that is designed to parallel the physiological aspects of natural teeth. Technicians can achieve consistent, accurate reproduction from case to case in any of the 18 opacious dentin shades.

The newest generation of nanofilled composite resins offers excellent esthetic potential and longevity. The multitude of shades, translucencies, opacities, and available color effects combined with skilled placement techniques offer beautiful results which closely mimic natural dentition. Nanofilled composites are easy to adjust and repair and their polishablity and gloss retention surpass all other known composites.

composite chart